Dear Patron,

Over the past twelve months, Ian, Suzanne and I have had the privilege of "looking at life through the lens of the Enneagram” on more than 25 shows together. Now that the launch period for their book "The Road Back You" is over, Ian and Suzanne are branching out in exciting new directions with writing projects and podcasts of their own. 

Since you are one of our amazing donors, we want you to know we are canceling our Patreon program. You will not be charged again for your monthly donation. As a thank you for your support, below, you will be able to download an exclusive audio version of the entire Enneagram Conference Ian and Suzanne taught this past March in Nashville, TN. This recording is a $125 value, and we hope it will help in your continued exploration into the Enneagram.

Please maintain your subscription to the broadcast if you would like to know when Ian and Suzanne's new podcasts are available. Thanks again for your support, and for listening to The Road Back To You!


The Road Back to You Staff

To download the audio files to the conference, please click here.