Processing Pain through Optimism - Insight to the Enneagram 7 (The Enthusiast) with Mihee Kim-Kort - Episode 25

If you're an Enneagram 7, you probably thrive on the idea that variety is the spice of life and you draw energy from staying active. Also, there's a good chance people accuse you of being optimistic to a fault.

Welcome to the world of today's guest, Mihee Kim-Kort; Presbyterian Pastor, Author, Blogger (, mother of three (five-year-old twins and a three-year-old) and a self-ascribed hopemonger. You will resonate with Mihee when she describes her life as "Getting really excited about a lot of things, but never really knowing where her keys are!"

She helps us look into the life of an "Enthusiast." A life where the routines of motherhood presents a challenge and optimism is often used as a way to fend off pain.

Mihee is fun, adventurous, spiritually grounded, and resilient, so get ready for an enlightening, energetic episode of The Road Back To You.